It is often said that nothing that’s worthwhile comes easy and Mayne Evnt (M.E) perhaps knows this better than anyone. Born and raised on the streets of New Orleans, a city renowned for its rich musical heritage as well as its history of social strife, M.E, from a young age, realized that he would have to forge his own path to success. With hard work, fierce resolve, and the support of friends and family, M.E would go on to finish college, earning many awards and accolades along the way, particularly for his involvement in sports. It is that same work ethic and dedication to preserving and expanding the soul of New Orleans that called M.E to express his life’s journey through music.

Cool and confident, powerful yet poised, M.E runs over his beats in much the same way he did in his days as a high school and college track star. His flow is unique all to himself and swag, in a class of its own. It’s no wonder then that his upcoming rap debut is called , “Rookie of the Year”. Sampling elements of his past, present, and bright future, M.E delivers a listening experience that gets right to the heart of what he is about: Being the best. In that way, M.E’s subject matter consist of things that are deeply personal to him and simultaneously resonates with anyone with an open ear.

Just as he always has, be it in his academic, sports, professional, or even love life, M.E will succeeds because he works to make it so. Music, is no different. With the help of the “Team”–listeners and fans of M.E’s music–M.E most definitely will go on to become the “Rookie of the Year” and assuredly, much more. This season will be a hard one, testing the limits and resolve of the player, the team, and the onlookers but again, nothing that’s worthwhile comes easy. M.E is ready for that challenge and ready to prove that those limits, really and truly, do not exist. M.E is ready, are you?


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